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Helping you hack day to day finance gibberish so that you can make smarter finance savvy decisions and accomplish financial freedom!
Certified Financial Planner®

Why I started this Journey

In both my profession and social life, I’ve come to realize that so many of us are losing our marbles when it comes to finance or don’t know where to start. Either there’s too much jargon filled information out there or it’s difficult to relate.

Therefore I came up with the bright idea (I hope and crossing my fingers) to start this blog to share my knowledge, lessons learnt and views from other professionals with the hopes that it can help both you and I reach our financial goals and freedom!

Russell Ho CFP®

Helping You Hack Finance Gibberish to Becoming Finance Savvy

Hi There! I’m Russell, a Certified Financial Planner® Professional and proudly self-admitted “addict of learning” from all realms of knowledge and wisdom whether it be studying further, books, podcasts, videos, mentors, and networking, raising my awareness and expanding my mindset.

I initially entered the financial planning industry with the simple purpose of doing what was expected – “Helping people to plan their finances well” – Simple, Boring, Unexciting, Bland, what you expect of a typical financial planner and the “Complete Opposite” of who I am. Over time, I realized that I did not want to be placed in this very same boring box like so many others and decided to reinvent myself, the advice and service I provide and the experience each and every client would receive when meeting me.

Through trial, error and gaining feedback from clients and strategic partners, it finally hit me and it became my new found flame which ignited my passion and calling…

When you hear the names Usain Bolt, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Warren Buffett – What do you think they all have in common aside from being famous, successful and rich? Behind every one of them as well as every other successful person you know, they had a great coach through their whole career and life. Michael Jordan once said “Phil Jackson (his coach) not only taught him about basketball, but also about life”

"A Great Coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are." - Ara Parasheghian

My sole purpose in life is to be the “Phil Jackson” to every client I advise, teach, mentor and coach. I aspire to not only get their financial house in order but to also empower them with finance and business savvy “know how” so that they can dominate in handling their day to day financial decisions and accomplish financial freedom in their lives.

Out of the office

When I’m not in a Suit and Tie

On the flip side when I’m not dressed in a “Suit and Tie” like Harvey Spectre, I’m your every day Marvel superhero fanboy whom loves all blends of coffee and pizza as well as anything with food with melted cheese is my kryptonite.  

I am a big advocate for #HealthisWealth so if I’m not busy advising and coaching clients, I’m always exercising and networking over activities such as indoor rock climbing, road and trail running or anything that gets me into breaking a sweat and calming my mind.

It’s a personal commitment to myself to always ensure I’m in tip top shape mentally and physically to take on whatever challenges are thrown at me on a day to day basis as an entrepreneur as well as to serve and continue to add value to all my clients for the rest of my life with an energetic and fresh approach.

Lastly I also savour my quiet time reading auto biographies and listening to podcasts of successful entrepreneurs and innovators in the world whom I can find inspiration to keep reaching for new heights in my entrepreneurial journey as well as expand my mindset when solving client problems and perspective on the world.

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