What My Clients Say


How I have made a Positive Impact in the lives of others, coaching them to success.

He is the partner I recommend to help anyone achieve Financial Progression.

I’ve dealt with Financial Advisers previously that inundated me with impressive-sounding financial jargon and hassled me to make commitments, which resulted in poor financial decisions.

A simple example was the concept of over-insurance.

I had a misconception that should my luck take a turn for the worse, the various insurances I had in place would guarantee that I end in a favorable position.

Not one of the Institutions or Advisers I engaged explained that coverage’s that exceeds the actual cash value or the replacement cost of the risks I insured for, was money spent for naught because I would never receive those full benefits I was bargaining on!

With Russell’s help, I got to truly understand valuable financial concepts as the example above.

I now feel confident and informed in making sound financial decisions with his guidance.

My financial portfolio is now aligned to ensure true value creation and with keen periodic reviews I can look forward to receive continuous advice and assurances.

His honest and genuine interest in his client’s financial well-being makes him more than a Financial Adviser.

He is the partner I recommend to help anyone achieve financial progression.

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