What My Clients Say


How I have made a Positive Impact in the lives of others, coaching them to success.

Russell has really been Life Changing!

Since I met him I have a whole new outlook towards finance. He made me realize how sneaky the finance industry actually is.

As a young and naive individual, I didn’t really understand the dynamics regarding finances as it’s not something that was taught to us properly at school or even at university.

Once you start adulting, you actually become overwhelmed by the big step you are required to take in terms of making financial decisions that are mostly uninformed decisions.

This is where I felt that Russell really bridged the GAP for me.

With every single meeting we have I learn something new regarding finances and how to better manage my money and how to tackle the financial industry.

Russell has really raised the bar for the financial industry especially for the youth.

He understands how we are thrown in the deep end and he picks you up during time of need.

This is the best and most honest, dedicated and loyal individual you will ever encounter and I can assure you, your key to financial freedom.

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