What My Clients Say


How I have made a Positive Impact in the lives of others, coaching them to success.

Russell Is Passionate About What He Does And Helping His Clients Become More Aware And Savvy About Finances, Which To Me Is Something Rare!

My journey with Russell began about a year and a half ago. I had a friend recommend that I see him because he has been having such a pleasant experience thus far with him. I can gladly say that working with Russell has thoroughly exceeded expectations.

He has opened up my mind regarding the management and wealth of my finances (something I never thought would happen).

My initial perception of a financial planner was someone that you give money to and they help you invest it…someone that you meet up with once or maybe twice a year. Basically having the feeling of believing and hoping that the planner is there for your best interests.

With Russell it was the complete opposite. Yes, he helps you invest your money but also does it in a way that benefits you and what your financial goals are. He tailor-makes financial plans per client, instead of perhaps having a “copy-paste” approach as other planners would.

He is there for his clients best interests and gives you sound and unbiased advice instead of trying to sell you an investment or policy that would possibly benefit him more.

He makes every appointment feel like a knowledgeable lesson learnt.

Russell is passionate about what he does and helping his clients become more aware and savvy about finances, which to me is something rare. His approach is of such that he makes clients feel at home and at ease.

He is someone who makes it known that he is always available to you whenever you need advice. I can wholeheartedly recommend Russell to anyone looking for a financial planner.

You don’t just get a planner…you get a friend, mentor AND someone who can also do your tax for you!!

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